Writing as an act of appreciation


Writing appeals and thank you letters can be a significant effort at the end of the year. For Spindle & Widget, we have professional writing assignments for clients, our own business letters to write, and a big fat list of personal thank-yous for our Widget’s (and Gin’s) birthday greetings.

It’s easy to want to push through the writing as fast as possible, to focus on sending appeal letters before year-end, or getting a thank-you letter in the mail promptly. But writing has the potential to be an opportunity to be meditative, reflective, and appreciative of what you have achieved, and how your work has been supported.

Some tips for writing from the heart:

1. Clear the desk. Even if you are typing your letter on the computer, get the clutter out of sight.

2. Take some deep breaths — or even do a stretch or two. Getting the blood moving and the lungs  refreshed will help you think more clearly.

3. Find a photo from one of your year’s highlights, and put it where you can see it on your desktop or monitor. (And if it makes sense, include it in your letter!)

4. Think about where you started this year. What have you achieved? Who helped? How can you best let them know what they mean to you/your organization?

5. Write how you really feel. Even if you have to edit it later (you probably will), make the first draft raw and real. Allow your emotions to come out, and try to keep some of that in your final draft.


Not buying it? Get in touch with Gin to have her give you a hand!

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