Using graphics to build continuity across social media

While many discussions of social media management focus on posts and messages, the overall brand of the organization/business is just as important. Think of it as an envelope for delivering your message, it needs to look like your organization, so that people can recognize it and want to take a closer look. This goes to everything from your Twitter avatar, which is often a crucial way to distinguish your feed from another with a similar name, to the banners on social media sites and email marketing. Nonprofit Tech for Good has a very useful article about this issue (and many other great social media ideas!).

Below are some examples of how Spindle & Widget builds a graphic identity for an event. First, our overall image/brand design for the Fancy Shmantzy Dance Party — a full-color poster:


Same image converted to a postcard size:


Then to a Facebook banner:



Now, since this was an event for a larger organization, we didn’t need favicons or profile images, but this is what we could have done next.

Avatar – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter profile image:

Favicon – that little square image you see in the top bar of your web browser:

There are many other banner types and formats, these examples give you an idea of the continuity that’s possible. You can more examples of our work across various media for Local Motion and Strategic Narratives.

In many cases, your company may just have one image or text-based logo. That’s really an opportunity to both look at your logo in a new light, and to add some more images that tell your story. Drop us a line and we can talk about how S&W can help you build your graphic identity.

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