Swipe and shoot: Hollywood makes an iPad, iPhone-only sitcom episode

iPad story telling newsThe Internet is abuzz with the news that the upcoming episode of Modern Family is shot entirely on iPads and iPhones. “Connection Lost” features character Claire Dunphy attempting to reach her oldest daughter, using Facebook, Facetime, and other social media. Technology-created missed connections and misunderstandings are bound to further the plot of this family sitcom.

While we all know what useful tools these personal devices have become, it’s fun to see Hollywood embrace the technology employed by everyday folks to tell a bigger budget story.

The implications are clear — if professional media makers can tell a Hollywood-quality story with the same device that is in our backpacks — we can certainly make media to engage our own communities.

Want to tell a story of your own? Sign up for one of RETN’s iPad Videomaking workshops, developed by Spindle & Widget and RETN. And watch and take notes on the Modern Family episode, airing Wednesday, February 25th on ABC.

one-woman video production setup

We might lack the 100+ crew members, but we have the gear to make our video right here.

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  1. Bhinda
    September 12, 2015

    Whether or not they did something along your D’s line on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I’ve been raknicg my brains but I cannot for the life of me remember. I know, I know, drama queen.

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