S&W Goes Back to School


Gin discusses finding good lighting in a classroom. Photo courtesy RETN.

This spring, Spindle & Widget is working with RETN to teach Burlington elementary school teachers how to make simple iPad videos. For Gin, this has been an opportunity to get back into the classroom and do what she loves best: teach people how to tell their stories.

Keep It Simple, Smarty
The iPad is a great tool for making class projects that can be quickly and easily uploaded and shared. Our first two classes have focused on basic camera and audio technique, using iMovie’s trailer framework, and our template for creating how-to videos. We emphasize keeping the projects short and simple, using tried-and-true composition techniques and good audio to make a small story engaging. See Gin’s example here.

The I(Pad) in T-E-A-M
Though the teachers all have their own iPads, we structured the projects for teams. This gives the class the chance to help each other learn, and to explore different ways to structure classroom media projects.


Teachers work with Amy Truchon, Technology Integration Specialist, to edit their video clips right on the tripod. Photo courtesy RETN.

Getting Technical
Doug Dunbebin, RETN’s Community & Media Relations Manager and workshop co-teacher, brings technical expertise and RETN’s fantastic equipment to the class, giving our 12 teachers the opportunity to try microphones, tripods, and other tools to enhance their videos. In addition to the technology access, the teachers will all have the opportunity to post their class videos on RETN’s website.

This workshop is a pilot project, and filled to capacity. If you are interested in enrolling in our summer workshop, or hosting a training at your school or workplace, contact Doug Dunbebin at dougdATretn.org.


Gin’s sample video shows how to draw a bus.


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