Let’s Make Some Good in 2016

Let’s Make Some Good in 2016



I’ve been working on an ecourse platform for a while. I love the idea of working with great people, no matter where they live and work — even if it’s not northern Vermont ūüėČ I designed Fireworks Storytelling and started to build the course. But I ran into some technical difficulties that caused me to re-think my goals.

In the midst of my technology meltdown, the world was having what appeared to be one huge ongoing disaster. We had just learned about the shooting in San Bernadino and were still reeling from attacks in Beirut and Paris. My social media feeds were aflame with battles over welcoming or barring Syrian refugees to/from America. The chatter out there was negative to say the least. And I was ready to jump into the fray Рpointing fingers and yelling critiques, adding noise without action, healing, or change. I sent one nasty Tweet, and immediately felt terrible. It was like acid, burning away after it spilled. I knew that path was not for me.

And then, I realized that the best thing I could do was make a space for something positive. 

So I put Fireworks Storytelling on hold for the moment, and created a one-week jump start for making good in 2016, aptly called Good Makers. Think of it as a week-long creative¬†retreat, to help you frame your ideas and actions for the year. Or consider it a chance to try something new, and make a project that serves your community. I’ll send you ideas, activities, and questions each day, and you will share your own thinking with the group. In the end, you will make a project, a plan, or a goal for engagement that uses your best skills to make a difference for your people.

The best part? It’s 100% FREE. This is my gift to you for the new year — my way of giving back. It all starts January 11th, so sign up now. Let’s make good together.


Ah, Technology

I started by taking a great course by web guru Andrea Sher, and then went to work. My initial goal: to create a fantastic introductory digital storytelling course focused on all my favorite strategies and tools, shaped for total newbies. My deadline: November to promote, January to launch. I tried various platforms, themes, plugins, and found what I was looking for: a great course that supports community learning.

But, ah, technology. Just when you think it all works, it doesn’t.¬†

I worked for weeks trying to get this app to talk to that plugin, and watched my November deadline fly past. Eventually I got some professional help, and saw the end of the tunnel. It’s amazing what an expert can see that you cannot! I finally got the course all pulled together, just in time for the December holidays and end-of-year frenzy.

So I decided to roll back the dream workshop (aka Fireworks Storytelling), and just focus what was needed in the moment. And here we are.


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