Finding your core message

Gin hosts

In addition to communications strategy, content development, graphic design, and training, I am also an extemporaneous storyteller. This means getting up on stage in front of a live audience, and telling a short, true story from my life. I do this for fun, but it is a great way to find meaning in everyday life events. My embarrassing fall down icy stairs my freshman year of college transforms into a tale of a fish out of water, a girl from Florida trying to fit in to her new surroundings. Told another way, it is an anecdote of my determination to survive a year away from home, as I hobbled across a hilly campus with two sprained ankles.

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool, a way to organize actions and goals into narratives that are easily imagined and shared. Finding the core story and message of your organization opens up avenues for connecting with larger causes, building new audiences, and building a team of ambassadors for your work.

This Wednesday, October 16, I’ll be talking about this concept more, along with Amanda Levinson of Third Space Consulting, at Webskillet’s Communications for Good event: Finding Your Core Message. Come down to their office in Burlington, or take part online. Either way, join the conversation!


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