This page is a repository for links and resources from our meetings, webinars, and emails.  I’ll be updating this regularly, so check back here often.


September 17, Fairlee: We jumped in with both feet to explore the broad themes, and begin to outline individual storytelling strategies.

We identified goals for the course, developed ideas for our essential stories, explored various story archetypes, and began to sketch out our target audience and means for contacting them. We also discussed some social media tools, including Pinterest and Buffer.

As a group, we will use Pinterest to share inspirations and resources, and to post non-confidential homework. First assignment: Find 3 stories/media campaigns in digital or analog media that are inspirational or instructive, and post them on the BigPicStories Fall 2015 Board.

October 19, Webinar: We shared our progress on media campaigns and discussed the homework of Pinboard inspirations and story flow charts. I showed the group how to edit a photo using PicMonkey, and share a Shot List Helper. Our new homework is to post 1 video on the Pinboard, and to make 1 photo poster and share it on Pinterest. Deadline, November 6th.

November 14, Fairlee:  Guest artist Doug Dunbebin worked with us to learn technical video and audio techniques. In the pm, we practiced video editing with iMovie, and scheduled a webinar to review WeVideo in December. Assignment: create a short video (1-3 minutes) that tells your story. Deadline: January 22nd.

December 14 Webinar: Our overview of WeVideo, with a few technical challenges. Recording of the demo (audio only) and my Top 8 Tips will help you follow along as you build a video. Also check WeVideo’s own tutorials.

February – April: One-on-one site visits online and in person help move organizational goals forward, and address specific challenges.

March 4, Fairlee: Class presentations on works-in-progress led to great conversations. The afternoon app-smashing session led to some great experiments. Below is a full list of the apps we explored, plus some new ones.



Big Picture Storytelling Slideshow

Audience + Story Slideshow

Creating Video Stories

Mixing It Up


Find Your People Handout

The Essential Story Handout

One Story, Multiplied Handout

Story Flow Chart

Shot List Helper

Re-Framing the Story

App-Smash Process


PicLab – for Apple or Android
Aviary – Apple or Android
Instagram – Apple or Android


Typorama – Apple
Phonto – Android or Apple


Skitch – Apple
Paper – Apple
Sketch Book – Android


Google Maps – Apple or Android