End-of-year online outreach ideas

End-of-year online outreach ideas

While end-of-year mailings are on their way to the printers, there is still time to plan a unique December email or web campaign.

In fact, you have over a month to still reach your digital audience. Consider creating an interactive story to inspire your current supporters, and engage new ones. Here are some ideas, many of which are free.

1. Create a map to share your impact this year, such as event locations or community improvements made. Simple maps can be built with Google Maps, more complex ones with MapStack. See a quick one Gin made as part of StoryHackVT here.

2. Top Ten photos – remind your community of the big moments from the year by posting a weekly photograph online with a donation button to support that particular program. This could also work as a voting tool — a $1 donation picks the top moment for the year. Some recommendations for polling plugins can be found here and here.

3. Build a Storify post. If you had a notable event that was well-documented on social media, use Storify to build a story using tweets, posts, and images to remind folks of your big accomplishments. See how other organizations have used these tools to document online events, and collect social media conversations into a focused story. (Hint: this one requires a healthy use of Twitter).

4. Finally, TELL A GOOD STORY. Share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of something that makes your organization tick. Reveal something that almost didn’t happen. Let your community in on the challenges, and help them see how important your successes truly are. No matter the bells and whistles, make sure that you make a connection that is authentic.


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