4 Creative Titling Ideas to Make Your iPad Videos Awesome

4 Creative Titling Ideas to Make Your iPad Videos Awesome

Title framing and shots Gin Ferrara videoLet’s be real — as wonderful as iMovie on the iPad can be, sometimes you want a little more oomph in your video. Creative titling can set up your story and connect your ideas with color and font styles that add a level of artistry to your work.

For the past year I have been teaching iPad videomaking workshops with Burlington’s Regional Educational Television Network (RETN), as well as making my own projects. All year I’ve been testing out tools to make better titles, like the one at left.

Here are some of my best tricks and favorite tools:

  1. PicLab HD – A great editor for making titles using photographs. This iPad app lets you crop images to 16:9 (the standard ratio for digital video), so your photos fit perfectly in your video. You can then add more stylized fonts, and import your own to have even more options. The app includes image editing, filters and “moods” that add tints to your photos. Another fun feature is the ability to erase parts of the text, so the letters appear to be behind the image:image
  2. Vont – A video titling editor that lets you add layered titles and transitions to your video. Also with interesting font options, Vont has a timeline for editing placement, timing, and transition lengths for each clip. See it in action here.vont title examples
  3. Paper – For hand-drawn titles, Paper can create a watercolor or ink effect. I like to fill a page with watercolor, then use the eraser tool to make white text. Export the image to the Photos folder to crop to fit 16:9.
  4. Analog Images – Skip the apps and create your own title with newsprint, magnets, drawings, and more. There’s so much digital art out there, your handmade letters will stand out as personal, quirky, and unique. Take a photograph or record the image straight to video to add to your sequence.bus artist titles


Have a great titling tool to share? Post your recommendations in the comments. Now go out there and make some beautiful titles!


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